Smart Port Community Lunch Meeting, Tuesday 21 May at 12.00 hours in T03-42


During the Smart Port lunch seminar of Tuesday May  21, 12:00h hours in room T03-42. Menno Huijs and Martijn Troost  will give  a presentation. Menno Huijs and Martijn Troost are both advisors for the Municipality of Rotterdam. Their work focuses on the port-related economic development of the city for the Rotterdam. The port and port-related activities in transport and logistics is the main contributor to the Rotterdam economy in terms of value added and employment. The city of Rotterdam has a clear interest in further development of the port as a driver for economic growth. However, the port also has a negative impact on the environment in terms of noise, pollution and congestion. In this presentation Menno and Martijn will give their view on the economic relationship between the port and the city and the policy ambitions of the local government.
The lunch meeting offers a great possibility to exchange your ideas with two representatives of the Rotterdam Municipality – an important partner in our Smart Port research community!