Smart Port Community Lunch Meeting, Tuesday 19 November at 12.00 hours in T03-42


During the Smart Port lunch seminar of Tuesday November  19, 12:00h hours in room T03-42. Prof. Jan Rotmans will give  a presentation entitled  “Change of an era: unique opportunities  for the Green Economy and Bioport Rotterdam” . Jan Rotmans is full professor in transitions and transition management at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and founder of the research institute DRIFT, Dutch Research Institute For Transition. Apart from his scientific work he also wants to contribute to a better and sustainable society. Therefore a radical change, a transition, is necessary. With his knowledge he would like to make up the rules and transmit them to the people involved in any project, region or sector, so that they can give it a swing into a more sustainable direction. For a more sustainable future in the Netherlands he co-founded the Urgenda in 2007. As member of the board he tries to encourage as many people as possible to join this movement.