Smart Port Community Lunch Meeting, Tuesday 15 April at 12.00 hours in T03-42


The next Smart Port lunch meeting of Tuesday April 15 is on the topic of Big Data, Open Data: Leon Gommans will present opportunities and threats of big data, open data.

Technological developments move fast, the Internet of Things is knocking at the door, or is even inside. There is a lot to know—and that will increase spectacular—on Big Data. The business models in logistics change, the value of information increases. New players like E-Bay, Google and Amazon are active or experimenting in the logistics domain. In the lunch lecture a concrete example, the introduction of AIS (Automated Identification System) will be presented to get an opinion on opportunities and threats for a logistics eco-system such as the Port of Rotterdam.

Leon Gommans is a Rotterdam entrepreneur. From his IT and economic background, he has founded various (internet) companies in recent years. His expertise is the organization of cooperation in networks with knowledge and experience to business, people and technology. For more information see:


Be sure not to miss this Big (data) opportunity!!

(And yes: there is again a free (typically Dutch) lunch available)