SmartPort/Port Research Center Rotterdam Delft Poster session 2014:31 posters were presented in the RDM Innovation Dock

“ I do believe that doing a PhD can bring a lot of value for your future career, but the only person who has the key to that success, is you!” Dr. Joep Aerts, Group ICT & Projects Director of leading logistics service provider for the port industrial complex, ‘Den Hartogh Logistics’, presented his vision on the importance of having a PhD for a career in the port. He stressed the importance of self-awareness in reaching leadership and personal growth. His very relevant and inspiring key note speech can you find by clicking here.  

Huarong Zheng of Delft University of Technology received the first prize in the poster session for het poster ‘Predictive Path following for waterborne AGV’s – with application to Inter Terminal Transport.’ (see the Poster book page 94). She received the price from mr. Paul Smits, Chief Financial Officer of the port of Rotterdam. The research of Huarong Zheng was seen as very relevant for the port practice because inter terminal transport of containers on the Second Maasvlakte will be one of the hot issues of the future. Her approach was seen as new, exciting and innovative with high scientific ambition and finally the jury assessed her comprehensive research being presented in an attractive way.

Huarong Zheng is supervised by Dr. Rudy Negenborn and Professor Gabriel Lodewijks of Delft University of Technology, section of Transport Engineering and Logistics, Department of Maritime and Transport technology.

The scientific jury was chaired by Professor Rommert Dekker (EUR) and had as members Professor Rob Zuidwijk (TU Delft/RSM/Smart Port), Dr. Menno Huijs (Gemeente Rotterdam), Hans van’t Noordende (Deltalinqs) and Dr. Rob Stikkelman (TU Delft).

Bart van Riessen of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology received the public prize, chosen by the attendants of the Poster Session and awarded by Mrs. Pauline van der Meer Mohr, Chairman of the Board of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Bart’s poster is on ‘Synchromodal container transportation’ (see the Poster book page 67).

Bart van Riessen is supervised by Dr. Rudy Negenborn (TU Delft) and Professor Rommert Dekker (Erasmus School of Economics).    

The 31 posters and accompanying texts can be viewed in the Poster book by clicking here.
Some of the photos of the Poster session are presented here.
(All photos by Paul Kampman)