SmartPort Community Lunch meeting April 14th, 12.00

Xishu Li, RSM, PhD student (<link people xishu-li>

/)Green Fleet Investment under Market, Regulatory, and Technological Uncertainty
Our research explores a fleet capacity investment problem under market, regulatory, and technological uncertainty. We study how competition between firms affects investment strategies, and investigate the optimal investment policy. Here, we focus on a single vessel type with the intention to extend our results to also incorporate green vessels.

 Rob Zuidwijk, RSM, Professor of Ports in Global Networks (<link people rob-zuidwijk>

/)Exploring Network Market Structures of Intermodal Freight Transportation Chains
Intermodal freight transportation services in a chain compete on a variety of markets. Terminals operators offer transshipment services in a region, freight forwarders offer transportation services along routes between origins and destinations, etc. This paper proposes an integral study of these markets using network theory and market concentration indices.