SmartPort Community Lunch meeting October 13th

Rotterdam’s illegal economy – what is really going on in the docks? ( a prosecutor’s view)

Location: Mandeville Building T03-42
Time: 12.00-13.30

Speaker: Loes van der Wees

Loes van der Wees is a public prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rotterdam. After completing her training she has mainly worked as a prosecutor in the fields of serious and organized crime and fraud, in the Rotterdam and in the The Hague Prosecutor’s Office. In 2004 she has been appointed as chief of one of the serious and organized crime departments.  She is currently head of the policy and strategy department of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rotterdam. Since 2012 she has been involved in the Rotterdam Harbour Integrity Programme as manager of the programme. In this programme public and private partners work together towards the goal of a harbour that is (more) resilient against organized crime.

Apart from all this, she is a part time student at the EUR’s department of philosophy. She completed her bachelor’s degree last year with a thesis on Nietzsches thought on criminal law and hopes to finish her master’s in 2016.

Loes will give you an insight in what happens in the harbour in her prosecutor’s view, she will talk to you about corruption and drugs in the docks. On a more positive note, she will tell you about the public private cooperation in the Harbour Integrity Programme. She hopes to hear from you whether you see useful links with your own work concerning the harbour and would like to explore the possibilities for future cooperation.