SmartPort Community lunch meeting November 17, 2015

Dutch seaport policy

Speaker: mr.drs. Luc Mutsaers, Coordinating policy officer seaports
Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Directorate for Maritime Affairs, Seaport division

Time: 12.00-13.30
Location: Mandeville building T03-42

In conjunction there are developments on European fair competition and pending rulings of the European Commission on corporate taxation for Dutch seaports which will further affect the already unlevel European playing field. How will Dutch politics react on such a decision? Furthermore there are a lot of challenges regarding the European hinterland and hinterland connections. How do we uphold (and expand) our current position and how do (possible) developments in self operating vehicles (trucks) and clean(er) fuels influence modality shift and connectivity to hinterland markets? Is this a chance or a threat for Dutch ports? And what does this mean for future investments in infrastructure? You will not only get a chance to hear what the ministry is working on, but will also have a chance to join the discussion on one of the most exciting policy challenges of this time.

PdF work program Seaports

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