SmartPort Community Lunch meeting May 17th, 2016

Speaker: Larissa van der Lugt, Researcher Port Economics and Management/Associate Executive Director RHV.

Location: T08-67 Mandeville Building
Time: 12.00-13.30

Title: Smartport Roadmap Strategy: The strategic role of the port authority.

Port authorities face challenging times. External changes like energy transition and digitalization put pressure on the traditional segments, accommodated by ports.

To further define its role and eventually renew its business model, the port authority needs to gain insight in how the relevant businesses respond to the external context changes and what that means for their role and possible business model changes. This is the essence of the Roadmap whereby the focus is on the port of Rotterdam and the RoR being the stakeholder involved in the projects.

The project is in the starting face, but finds its basis in earlier research. In the lunch session we would like to discuss the building blocks for this research project, both from a content and a methodology point of view.   

Pdf of the presentation