SmartPort Community lunchmeeting May 23rd, 2017 12.00-13.30

Location: T09-67
Time: 12.00-13.30

This meeting will provide you with a progress update on work that is being done at Erasmus on Synchromodality.  Synchromodality involves new ways of planning and executing container transport, where containers are allocated to transport modes and routed in a dynamic way. Next to dynamic planning, the sourcing of capacity, demand articulation,  planning on rail networks, and revenue management are aspects that will receive attention. Both practice and theory are considered.

We have the following program:

  • Introduction to Synchromodality - Rob Zuidwijk (RSM)                           
  • Synchromodality in Practice - Bart van Riessen (ECT)
  • Short descriptions of research projects - Alberto Giudici (RSM), Joris Wagenaar (RSM), Judith Mulder (ESE), Hobbs White (RSM), Bart van Riessen (ESE)     

Pdf presentation by Alberto Giudici
Pdf presentation by Joris Wagenaar
Pdf presentation by Judith Mulder
Pdf presentation by Bart van Riessen