SmartPort Community lunchmeeting, January 16, 2018

Date: January 16, 2018
Time: 12.00-13.30
Location: T09-67, Mandeville Building

Speaker: Frans Swarttouw from TEUbooker


Facilitate the booking of container transport. That is the mission of TEUbooker. The concept was born in early 2015, when it turned out that it was not yet possible to book online container transports within the port of Rotterdam and to the hinterland. With dozens of barges and trains sailing and driving between the port and the hinterland daily, there is almost always unused capacity. When you are able to use an accessible and easy tool, you create an enormous amount of free space for the exchange of containers. This contributes to the modal shift and the accessibility of the port.


Short Bio

Frans Swarttouw (1976) studied business administration at the EUR, after which he started working as a Marketeer at Argos Oil. Since 2011, Frans has been advising dozens of companies that are active within transport, port and logistics. A large part of these companies are active in container logistics. The limited possibilities of online booking and the inability to track containers in a digital world were amazing to Frans. With his new venture TEUbooker, Frans tries to contribute to facilitating the booking process of container transports from 'order to cash'.