SmartPort Community Lunchmeeting, May 14th 12.00-13.30

Time: 12.00-13.30
Location: Mandeville building, T09-67
Date: May 14th, 2019

Speaker: Alessandro Tufano 

Title presentation: The Value of Information while improving barge utilisation in the port of Rotterdam

Abstract: Barge transportation is an essential mode connecting the hinterland and the deep-sea ports, and is encouraged and preferred over trucks due to lower environmental impacts and costs. However, barge transport is complex from an organisational point of view. The high number of actors in the chain (shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, ...) and the information asymmetry between them produce inefficiencies, delays and a low capacity utilisation of the barges. This presentation will provide insights and quantitative KPIs built upon operational data of barge transportation in the port of Rotterdam. The main focus will be on the Value of Information as obtained by sharing of data among supply chain partners, while such data helps to improve the performance of the network with a higher utilisation of barges.  

Short bio: Alessandro Tufano is a PhD candidate at the University of Bologna (Italy). His research field revolves around storage, production systems and distribution network with a particular emphasis on data-driven techniques for strategic and tactical optimisation. During his visiting period at Erasmus University (Rotterdam), he is analysing the problem of barges transportation from a data-driven perspective.