Data Sets

We have several data sets of Netherlands Railways (NS), which are available upon request for scientific research. If you are interested, please contact Dennis Huisman or Twan Dollevoet. The data sets cover the following topics.

  • Timetable generation
  • Timetable improvement
  • Routing trains in railway stations
  • Rolling stock scheduling
  • Crew scheduling
  • Rolling stock re-scheduling
  • Crew re-scheduling
  • Delay Management

Moreover, we have a data set on Vehicle Dispatching in Public Transit Systems, first used in the paper below.

  • Van Lieshout, R.N., Bouman, P.C., van den Akker, J.M., & Huisman, D: "A Self-Organizing Policy for Vehicle Dispatching in Public Transit Systems with Multiple Lines" (2021) Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 152 pp. 46-64. Download here.

    1 file can be downloaded:

Source Codes

We publish the source code for some of the programs used for papers written by ECOPT members. The source code for these selected programs can be found below.

  • Yuan Gao, Leo Kroon, Marie Schmidt, and Lixing Yang: "Rescheduling a metro line in an over-crowded situation after disruptions" Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 93, Part A (2016) pp. 425-449.

    2 files can be download:,