Paul Bouman

Assistant Professor

Danny Zhu

PhD Student

Twan Dollevoet

Associate Professor

Dennis Huisman


Albert Wagelmans


Visiting Members

    • Chongshuang Chen (November 15, 2016 - November 30, 2017)
    • Pei Liu (November 1, 2016 - April 30, 2017)
    • Yuan Gao (September 1, 2015 - August 31, 2016)

Former Members

  • Rolf van Lieshout (finished his PhD on "Integration, Decentralization and Self-Organization: Towards Better Public Transport" in May 2022, moved to Technical University Eindhoven)
  • Rowan Hoogervorst (finished his PhD on "Improving the Scheduling and Rescheduling of Rolling Stock: Solution Methods and Extensions" in October 2021, moved to Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Johann Hartleb (finished his PhD on "Public Transport and Passengers: Optimization Models that Consider Travel Demand" in September 2021, moved to Deutsche Bahn)
  • Gert-Jaap Polinder (finished his PhD on "Timetabling for strategic passenger railway planning" in December 2020, moved to ARVOO Imaging Products)
  • Thomas Breugem (finished his PhD on "Improving Fairness, Attractiveness, and Efficiency" in January 2020, moved to INSEAD, France)
  • Joris Wagenaar (finished his PhD on "Practice Oriented Algorithmic Disruption Management in Passenger Railways" in September 2016, moved to UvT)
  • Leo Kroon - In Memoriam: Leo Kroon passed away on September 14, 2016.
  • Evelien van der Hurk (finished her PhD on "Passengers, Information, and Disruptions" in June 2015, moved to DTU)
  • Luuk Veelenturf (finished his PhD on "Disruption Management in Passenger Railways: Models for Timetable, Rolling Stock and Crew Rescheduling" in November 2014, moved to TU/e)
  • Gabor Maroti (worked at Rotterdam School of Management until October 2011, moved to Netherlands Railways)
  • Lars Kjaer Nielsen (finished his PhD on "Rolling Stoch Rescheduling in Passenger Railways" in February 2011, moved to Quintiq)
  • Daniel Potthoff (finished his PhD on "Railway Crew Rescheduling" in October 2010, moved to Ab Ovo)
  • Gabriella Budai (finished her PhD on "Operations Research Models for Scheduling Railway Infrastructure Maintenance" in June 2009)
  • Ramon Lentink (finished his PhD on "Algorithmic Decision Support for Shunt Planning" in February 2006, moved to ORTEC and later to Netherlands Railways)
  • Michiel Vromans (finished his PhD on "Reliability of Railway Systems" in July 2005, moved to ProRail)
  • Leon Peeters (finished his PhD on "Cyclic Railway Timetable Optimization" in June 2003, moved to Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, ETH Zurich)
  • Richard Freling - In Memoriam: Richard Freling passed away on January 29, 2002.