There are many challenging issues facing organisations in the dynamic world of work, not the least of which are issues related to people management. With the continuing influence of globalisation on all levels of the organisation, an increased attention for sustainability, knowledge management as key for competitiveness, and demographic changes in the workforce where attention needs to be more and on the talent management of all age groups and from different cultural backgrounds, HRM practices need to change too.

The Erasmus Centre for Human Resource Excellence emphasises the importance of investing in human capital. It offers a comprehensive approach to the management of people; building on the very practical philosophy that starting with growing the strengths of employees is key to substantial and lasting organisational performance. Organisations have become the primary social setting for many people. This provides an excellent opportunity for HRM to support the organisation in its need to embrace and enable the highest potential of their employees. Building an excellent workforce that is capable of providing a high level of performance means attention for people’s happiness and well-being. Attention for the full potential of people and creating an environment that enables optimal human performance will become an essential competitive factor to the long-term improvement of an organisation’s performance. A successful people strategy will help build an organisation, for now and in the years to come.