SmartPort Community Lunch meeting October 25th, 12.00-13.30

The fall of Hanjin in September is considered to be the Lehman moment for the shipping industry—see the still. The fall of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 started the Great Recession of 2009. which is generally considered the largest downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. We speak now of the world before and after the Great Recession and of the New Normal in markets. Will we likewise speak in the future of the period before and after September 2016 in the container market? This is the central issue of the Smartport lunch seminar next Tuesday, October 25 at 12:00-13:30 in room T09-67, Mandeville Building.

After a short introduction of the Hanjin case, pitches will be given by container opinion makers Larissa van der Lugt, Rob Zuidwijk and Bart Kuipers on the next three questions:

1. Is the collapse of Hanjin for the container sector comparable with the collapse of Lehman Brothers for the financial system?
2. What are the long term consequences of the fall of Hanjin for the container industry?
3. What are the long term consequences for the port of Rotterdam?

After these three pitches we like to have a discussion with you on this subject. If you think the Lehman comparison is nonsense, please come to the Smartport lunch seminar!

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