We focus our research on four themes:

1. Innovations and Sourcing Strategies

Under this theme, Finn Wynstra has recently published papers in Journal of Operations Management and Journal of Product Innovation Management, and continues to work with colleagues from University of Twente and Kellogg School of Management. The PhD project of Melek Ates-Akin also relates to this research theme.

2. Healthcare Procurement

Under this theme, Erik van Raaij and Merieke Stevens collaborate with the institute for Healthcare Policy and Management (iBMG) and the University of Twente in the multi-year project Performance in Healthcare Procurement. 

3. Buying Business Services

Under this third theme, Finn Wynstra and Wendy Van der Valk have published papers in International Journal of Operations and Production Management and IMP Journal and a book chapter in Case Study Methodology in Business Research, by Jan Dul and Tony Hak (2008, Elsevier). We have organized and chaired special tracks at recent IMP and IPSERA conferences, and continue to work together with our colleagues from Stockholm School of Economics and Lancaster University in this area. 

4. Governance Mechanisms

Under this theme Merieke Stevens conducts theoretical as well as empirical research into interfirm relationship management. Formal mechanisms such as contracts, as well as informal mechanisms such as trust are studied. Attention is devoted to the effectiveness of governance mechanisms in the different phases of relationships, as well as the interaction between these mechanisms. Merieke conducts empirical research in the automotive industry in Japan and France, and the Healthcare industry in the Netherlands. She collaborates with colleagues from the Wharton School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, University of Cambridge, and the University of Pittsburgh on this theme.