All you need is a goal

Improving students’ performance

A goal-setting programme can improve and optimise students’ performance during bachelor and pre-experience master studies. We have researched and developed a programme that produces this effect.

The goal-setting programme we introduced into our bachelor programmes can be used to help students in university and secondary school to achieve their goals. It’s backed by evidence-based research: A scalable goal-setting intervention closes both the gender and ethnic minority achievement gap by Michaéla Schippers, Ad Scheepers and Jordan Peterson.


Goal-setting at a glance

  • An evidence-based intervention consisting of an online programme plus goal-setting statement;
  • Students earn more credits, have higher retention rates, and report having more direction in their day-to-day lives (see research results);
  • We offer implementation at your school with the help of professionals.

Watch a short introductory video to goal-setting: