My Team

Projects & Operations

August Papadopoulos

Manager Projects & Operations Study and Career Success - August has a track record on delivering education projects internationally. He is experienced in setting up, promoting, and managing academic & vocational educational ventures. He enjoyed having set up British higher education satellite institutions in the Balkans. He also enjoyed setting up operations of UK Universities for their distance learning courses. A strategic thinker who has as the know-how for processes, policies and quality standards of high caliber institutions.

Lianne Verhoef

Project Manager Study and Career Success - Lianne Verhoef studied media, information and management with a specialisation in marketing and communication. She is an experienced project manager with a history of working in the education sector, and contributes her extensive knowledge of kick-starting projects and start-ups, information management, and sales strategy to the team. Her strengths include bringing an overview and her insights to the development of a clear plan of action.

Goal-setting Lab

Bettina de Jong

Researcher Study and Career Success - Bettina de Jong studied organisational psychology and completed a PhD in Equal Opportunities at the Research Institute of Child Development and Education at the University of Amsterdam. She worked on multiple projects as an educational trainer and consultant at the University of Utrecht. Bettina is currently a researcher in the goal-setting team, where she analyses the effects of the goal-setting intervention.  

Niklas Ziegler

Researcher Study and Career Success - Niklas Ziegler has investigated the development of motivational and meta-cognitive constructs in students in secondary education, focusing on the development of academic procrastination – the subject of his first peer-reviewed article. Within the goal-setting team, he focuses on the analyses of the results of goal-setting interventions, and the implementation of a comparable intervention in secondary schools.

Izaak Dekker

Part-time PhD candidate Study and Career Success - Izaak Dekker studied philosophy, and is currently a part-time PhD candidate at RSM, studying the impact of the goal-setting intervention on first-year students at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition to contributing his research, Izaak also adds his extensive experience as a teacher and policy maker to the goal-setting team.

Hatice K. Caglayan

Research Student Assistant Study and Career – Hatice K. Caglayan started her early career with double bachelor in Civil and Geomatics Engineering in Turkey, followed by a master’s degree in Earthquake Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan. Currently, she is a graduating senior in psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She endeavors to pursue a career in Clinical psychology and Data Science. Hatice assists the Goal-setting team with different tasks. Amongst others she is involved with literature reviews and searches, data analyses, structuring data, and writing reports.

Duncan Rooders

Part-time PhD candidate Study and Career Success - Duncan Rooders was a commercial pilot, before joining his family business – Matcorp Investments – as CEO. Duncan has Master's degrees from both London Business School and London School of Economics, and is an alumni of Harvard Business School’s OPM programme. He is currently pursuing a PhD in management at RSM, with a focus on goal striving, and a special interest in techniques such as implementation intentions and mental contrasting.

Marleen Schäfer

Research Student Assistant Study and Career Success – Marleen Schäfer studied hospitality management at the Hotelschool The Hague and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Erasmus University Rotterdam. She assists the goal-setting researchers with a variety of tasks, such as literature searches, reviews, and the analysis of the long-term effects of the goal-setting intervention.

Sebastian Freyhofer

Part-time PhD candidate Study and Career Success - Sebastian Freyhofer studied engineering in Chile and developed his career in the mining and project development industry with a focus on sustainability and water desalinization. Sebastian has a Master's degree in environmental engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile , a master's degree in sustainability and environmental management from Harvard University, and is in the last stage for his Master's degree in Psychology from Harvard Extension School. He is currently pursuing a PhD in management at RSM, studying the evolutionary benefits of learning in organizations.

Andreas Alexiou

Researcher Study and Career Success - Andreas Alexiou is an assistant professor of Strategic Technology Management at TiSEM, Tilburg University. One of his main research interests involves the use of emerging technologies for learning and performance improvement in work organizations. Such technologies involve Serious Games, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and more. Andreas is currently a researcher in the Erasmus Centre for Study and Carreer Success.

Juan Carlos Martinez Delgado

Juan Carlos is the leading entrepreneur of the educational BSG Institute whichoperates in several Latin American countries. An engineer by training, he attended the Sloan School of Management as a Sloan Fellow where he obtained a Master of Science in Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT. He also completed the Advanced Management Programme in the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. Juan Carlos is currently pursuing a PhD in management at RSM; studying how organizational paradoxes are addressed in high-growth firms (HGFs).

Job Hudig

PhD candidate Study and Career Success

Job Hudig earned his bachelor’s degree business administration and his master’s degree organizational psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Currently, he pursues his PhD at the Department of Psychology, Education, and Child Studies of the Erasmus School of Behaviorial and Social Sciences. The main goal of Job’s research project is to unravel how the goal-setting intervention decreased both the gender and ethnic achievement gap