Stefan Stremersch

Stefan Stremersch is Desiderius Erasmus Distinguished Chair of Economics and Scientific Director of the Health Centre at ERIM. His research interests are: innovation processes, (international) launch and diffusion of new therapies, therapy pricing, defense strategies against generics, patient and physician behavior, compliance, salesforce effectiveness, among others. He is involved in the following projects:

  • With Isabel Verniers and Aurelie Lemmens: international price-spillovers for pharmaceutical drugs; 
  • With Isabel Verniers: international launch and pricing of new pharmaceutical drugs;
  • With Nuno Camacho and Bas Donkers: Physician learning models; 
  • With Eelco Kappe: Salesforce effectiveness models; 
  • With Tulikaa Bhatia and Isabel Verniers: Defense strategies against generics; 
  • With Nuno Camacho and Martijn De Jong: The effect of physician-patient relationship on compliance;  
  • With Sarah Gelper: International sales of pharmaceutical drugs; 
  • With Vardit Landsman: The effect of drug requests and DTCA on drug prescriptions;
  • With Nuno Camacho, Mario Capizzani and Ab Osterhaus: Communicating about flu risks;
  • With Josh Eliashberg and Min Ding: Pharmaceutical Marketing (book)

Benedict Dellaert

Benedict Dellaert’s research interests are in consumer decision making and (online) consumer-firm interactions. In the domain of health he is in interested in topics such as modeling and measuring patient preferences, personalize health care, and online patient communications and decision support. He is involved in several projects in individual health and insurance decision making.

  • With Tim Benning: The Commercialization of Health Care Allocation: Flexible Access Pricing and Consumers’ Evaluation of Total and Distributional Health Outcomes
  • With Mirjam van Ginkel-Bieshaar: Promoting Healthy Product Choices
  • With Dimitris Tsekouras: Personalized Information Provision on Content-Based Websites: Learning Faster or Learning Less?

Bas Donkers

Bas Donkers is interested in the behaviour of individuals involved in healthcare service provision. The focus of his research is on the preferences and decision making behaviour of both patients and general practitioners. Of major interest is how these preferences and decisions change over time, although little is known at this stage.

Projects he is currently involved in:

  • With Nuno Camacho and Stefan Stremersch on physician learning of treatment quality
  • With Lieke Boonen en Erik Schut on patient preferences for pharmacies and general practitioners

Nuno Camacho

Nuno Camacho’s research interests focus on better understanding consumer decisions in health-related domains. More specifically, Nuno is interested in (Quasi-) Bayesian models of patient and physician learning and in the application of behavioural economics and cross-cultural theories to study health marketing issues.

  • With Stefan Stremersch and Bas Donkers: Quantifying Salience Effects in Physician Learning
  • With Stefan Stremersch and Martijn De Jong: Patient empowerment – can it improve adherence?

Isabel Verniers

Isabel Verniers is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Erasmus School of Economics since 2009. Her research interests are in launch of innovations and international marketing. In the domain of health she is interested in topics such as launch timing and pricing of pharmaceuticals and generic entry. She is involved in several projects on these topics.

  • With Aurelie Lemmens and Stefan Stremersch: Global Price Spillovers of Pharmaceuticals
  • With Tulikaa Bhatia and Stefan Stremersch: Global Generic Entry
  • With Christophe Croux and Stefan Stremersch: Launch timing and price of pharmaceuticals: A global Inquiry