Healthcare Events

Mon. 18 Feb. 2013 Research Seminar
On the Intersection of Biology and Economics: A Focus on Telomeres
Helena Schmidt (Medical University of Graz)
Thu. 30 Jun. 2011 PhD Defence
A Consumer Perspective on Flexibility in Health Care: Priority Access Pricing and Customized Care
Tim Benning (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Fri. 24 Jun. 2011 PhD Defence
The Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Marketing
Eelco Kappe (Pennsylvania State University)
Tue. 25 Jan. 2011 Research Seminar
Medical Diagnosis as a Model of 'System 1- System 2' Decision-Making
Henk Schmidt (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Mon. 27 Sep. 2010 Research Seminar
Dynamic Allocation of Pharmaceutical Detailing and Sampling for Long-Term Profitability
Oded Netzer (Columbia University)
Mon. 6 Sep. 2010 Research Seminar
Bucking the Trend in Pharmaceutical Detailing: Enriching Data to Gauge a Policy Shift
Eelco Kappe (Pennsylvania State University)
Tue. 18 Nov. 2008 Conference
Conference Operations Research & Health Care
Rommert Dekker (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Albert Wagelmans (Erasmus University Rotterdam)