Pre-experience programmes

The people in our group contribute to courses in both the Bachelors and the Masters programmes, either as course coordinators, or as teachers on the courses of others.


Purchasing and Supply Management (RSM05SCM)

The objective of this core course is to provide students with the key concepts regarding purchasing and supply management. This course covers the whole purchasing cycle, including strategic, tactical, and operational purchasing activities. Specifically, we will focus on the reciprocal relationships between buyers and suppliers, differentiated purchasing (category) strategies, tactical as well as operational purchasing processes and organisational forms for purchasing. Prof. Dr. Finn Wynstra and PhD Anna Nikulina are the teachers of this course. The course is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Finn Wynstra.

Strategic Sourcing (RSMME065)

The objective of this master elective is to provide you with the opportunity to deepen your conceptual understanding and practical skills regarding strategic sourcing, using a mix of ‘state of the art’ theory and practical examples. Specifically, we will focus on the strategic and tactical aspects of purchasing and supply, such as commodity strategy development (e.g. single vs. multiple sourcing), supplier selection and collaboration in product and business development. Prof. Dr. Finn Wynstra, Erick Haag, Robert Suurmond, and Fabian Nullmeier are the teachers of this course. The course is coordinated by Fabian Nullmeier.

Healthcare Procurement and Value Chain Management (GW4009Mx)

In this course, we cover both purchasing of care and purchasing for care. We do not assume that all participants in this course want a career in purchasing. The approach is one of “purchasing for non-purchasers”, building on the notion that it becomes increasingly important for managers in health care institutions to understand the important role purchasing fulfils. The course is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Erik van Raaij.

SCM Research Methodology and Design (BMRM2SCM)

The Research Skills and Methods course for Master students of Supply Chain Management teaches students how to collect and analyse data, for empirical research. Students will also explore the research that aims to solve supply chain problems and build management theory. The course runs from September until Christmas and prepares students for their thesis project. The course is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Erik van Raaij.