As Purchasing and Supply Management group, we often work together with companies and other organisations:


Within a number of specific research themes, we regularly conduct case studies, which often lend themselves for cross-organisational benchmarking. In those situations, we frequently organize round-table meetings.


Many of our students conduct their M.Sc. thesis project on the basis of an internship. Such a thesis-internship typically runs from February till June, within which seven weeks can be spend full time at the company; some students also conduct a simple, non-thesis related internship (3-4 months) – often abroad. Finally, we run short, consultancy-like group assignments (normally early Spring). Please contact us if you are interested in one of these options. Additionally, we often involve guest-lecturers in our different teaching programs. Such lectures or other (extra-curricular) activities may also be interesting in terms of (campus-) recruitment efforts.

Seminars / Training

Finn Wynstra is, for instance, regularly involved in seminars and training programmes for various European companies both in manufacturing and service sectors (such as Carlsberg, Orkla, Friesland Foods, Philips Electronics and ABN AMRO). Additionally, he regularly contributes to conferences and open programmes offered through organisations such as the Dutch, Belgian, Swedish and Danish associations for purchasing management.