Welcome to our project

Performance in Healthcare Procurement

The research project “Performance in Healthcare Procurement” is financially supported by the NEVI Research Stichting, a non-profit foundation of the NEVI professional network for purchasing and supply management.

Overall project leader for the research project is Dr. Erik van Raaij, Associate Professor of Purchasing & Supply Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

Currently, four sub-projects are defined:

A. Partnerships in healthcare procurement

Researchers involved: Erik van Raaij & Merieke Stevens
Started: 1 Jan 2012

B. The impact of healthcare procurement on hospital performance 

Lead researcher: Martin van Ineveld
Advisors: Joris van de Klundert (sup.)
Started: 1 Oct 2011

C. Performance management and contracting in healthcare procurement

Lead researcher: Peter Dohmen
Advisors: Erik van Raaij & Jan Klein (sup.) 
Started: 1 Apr 2013

D. Population-based financing of care

Lead researcher: Olivier van Noort
Advisors: Jan Telgen, Joris van de Klundert, Fredo Schotanus (sup.)
Started: 1 Sep 2012