Erik van Raaij organizes Ipsera2010 Doctoral Workshop

On Sunday, 16 May, the Ipsera2010 Doctoral Workshop took place at Lappeenranta University of Technology. For the second year in a row, the workshop was organized by Erik van Raaij. The objectives of the workshop are twofold: For PhD candidates to receive feedback on their research proposals, and to build a network with fellow PhD candidates as well as with senior faculty.

The workshop started with a Masterclass on “The Publication Process” taught by George Zsidisin, co-editor of JPSM (pictured). The rest of the day was spent on discussing the research proposals of seven PhD candidates. In total, 14 PhD candidates participated in the workshop.

Also next year, when the Ipsera conference is hosted in Maastricht, Erik van Raaij will organize the Doctoral Workshop, which will take place on Sunday, 10 April, 2011.

Melek Akin and Hülya Türksever participated in the doctoral workshop as presenting PhD candidates, while Finn Wynstra participated as a senior faculty discussant. In the Ipsera conference (May 17-19), the PSM group presented one working paper (Akin, Van Raaij & Wynstra) and one competitive paper (Karjalainen & Van Raaij). Finn Wynstra presented a keynote speech on fifteen years of JPSM.