Finn Wynstra, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management, receives the IFPSM Hans Ovelgönne Award 2013

Each year, the Hans Ovelgönne Award goes to the individual who has made an exceptional scientific contribution to the development of Purchasing and Supply Management. The prize is awarded by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM). This year’s recipient is NEVI Professor Finn Wynstra.

<link people finn-wynstra external-link-new-window><link people finn-wynstra>Finn Wynstra, Professor of Purchasing and Supply Management, is one of the world’s leading professors in research and education devoted to Purchasing and Supply Management. His reputation has grown especially on account of his articles in renowned scientific and professional journals in this field, as well as his presentations at scientific and business conferences across the world. In his work, Finn Wynstra brings scientific research and real-life practice closely together, which makes it relevant to both the scientific and corporate worlds.

On top of his research and global dissemination activities, Finn Wynstra has built bridges for IFPSM in various areas:

  • As an influential member and endowed chair holder within NEVI, which is a powerful and highly appreciated member of IFPSM;
  • As a (former) Chairman of IPSERA – IFPSM’s most important strategic alliance within the scientific world in the sphere of Purchasing and Supply Management;
  • As one most active speakers at the annual IFPSM Summer Schools.

The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) is the federation of 48 National and Regional Purchasing Associations worldwide. Together, these associations represent about 250,000 Purchasing professionals. IFPSM facilitates the development and distribution of knowledge to elevate and advance the procurement profession, thus favourably impacting the standard of living of citizens worldwide through improved business practices.

About NEVI – the knowledge network for Purchasing and Supply Management

With about 6,500 members, NEVI (Dutch Association for Purchasing Management) is the third-largest organisation of its kind in the world. For 56 years, NEVI has been is the leading knowledge network regarding Purchasing and Supply Management in both the public and private sectors. Over the past over the past 25 years, NEVI – through its NEVI Research Foundation (NRS) – has invested approximately €10 million, more than any other organisation in the world, in scientific research and education in the area of Purchasing and Supply Management. NEVI was also the first association for Purchasing Management to receive the Global Standard for its purchasing training programmes. NEVI makes Purchasing and Supply Management knowledge accessible to anyone involved in the procurement process. It organises international and national congresses, training programmes and tailor-made courses, as well as networking meetings for around 8,000 people. The NEVI Code of Conduct is the most widely accepted set of rules in this profession. On a monthly basis, the NEVI PMI® (Purchasing Managers’ Index) indicates how the Dutch economy is faring. NEVI aims to professionalise purchasing services in the interest of companies, the public sector and wider society. It sets the standards followed by almost all purchasing departments.

Purchasing & Supply Management Centre

Finn Wynstra is a leading researcher at the Purchasing & Supply Management Centre. Find out more about its research, education, and business seminars.