Nevi Zorgcongres (NEVI Healthcare conference)

This year on the 1st of February (2018) Bunnik was the place where the “Nevi Zorgcongres” was hosted. The main theme during this event was called ‘’Human and technology: Impact within Healthcare’’ which had a sub-theme of ‘’’Developments of procurement within healthcare’’. This meant that during the event the main point of discussion was about how we can align the technology with the people using it. By combining keynotes from the academic field with the experts from practice, developments and their impact were discussed from different perspectives. This all to work towards making technology work within healthcare institutions which have people as their strongest asset.

One of the keynote speakers representing the Erasmus University was Erik van Raaij. Namely, in the morning he contributed to the event by shedding his light on how procurement can be of value to the healthcare institutions. Besides sharing his vision on value-based healthcare within the Netherlands, he also discussed the expected developments within healthcare procurement by exploring three separate dimensions.