PSM meeting of minds

In September 2017, Erik van Raaij and Finn Wynstra were invited to join the two-day event of Purchasing and Supply Management Meeting of Minds. The idea of this meeting was initiated after the IPSERA 2017 and it consisted of several carefully selected academia which presented their own thoughts regarding the future of purchasing and supply management. Since these academia present came from different schools and had different expertise, it provided an interesting gathering of a wide range of perspectives. During the first day of the event, the group was split up into smaller groups to discuss PSM content and how this should be transferred to education. Day 2 had a more general focus on the challenges faced within PSM. Furthermore, on day 2 the academia also discussed the theories which are currently used together with their appropriateness. Besides listening to the other experts within the field, Erik and Finn also shared their own vision of what the future of PSM will look like.