Knowledge Management and Innovation in Networks

By Ard-Pieter de Man


As an ever-increasing amount of innovation takes place within networks, companies are collaborating in developing and marketing new products, services and practices. This in turn requires knowledge to flow across company boundaries. This book demonstrates how companies encourage this knowledge to flow in networks that can involve dozens of partners. Substantiated by five in-depth case studies of innovative networks, the authors identify and analyse the solutions implemented by companies in order to meet the key knowledge management challenges they encounter. Theoretical and management implications of the study are then defined.



1. Knowledge and Innovation in Networks: A Conceptual Framework 
Ard-Pieter de Man, Hans Berends, Irene Lammers, Erik van Raaij and Arjan van Weele

2. Networks as the Organization Form of the Knowledge Economy 
Ard-Pieter de Man

3. Organizing Knowledge Sharing in Networks: The Theory 
Elco van Burg, Hans Berends and Erik van Raaij

4. Meeting Moore’s Law: High Velocity Knowledge Development in the Supplier Network of ASML 
Irene Lammers, Pim Eling, Ard-Pieter de Man and Arjan van Weele

5. The Future Store Initiative: Shopping for Knowledge/Knowledge for Shopping 
Ard-Pieter de Man and Tim Graczewski

6. Pig-breeding as a Knowledge-intensive Sector 
Ard-Pieter de Man

7. Making Horticulture Networks Bloom 
Ard-Pieter de Man and Erik van Raaij

8. The Fibres that Hold an Innovation Network: An Analysis of Knowledge-sharing in the Glare Network 
Elco van Burg, Erik van Raaij and Hans Berends

9. Best Practices: Key Lessons from the Cases 
Irene Lammers, Hans Berends, Ard-Pieter de Man and Arjan van Weele

10. A Management Agenda 
Ard-Pieter de Man Index

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