Erasmus Honours Programme Grand Challenges

‘EUR delivers the CEOs of the future. This means that sustainability and social responsibility has to be in their DNA'. *
Pauline van der Meer Mohr, former President of Erasmus University Rotterdam

Grand challenges – it is more than evident that the next generation, YOUR generation, will be faced with unprecedented challenges. How to feed 9 billion people in 2050, on a planet that is heavily pressured by climate change, lack of natural resources, acidified oceans, and shortage of food and fresh water (to name a few)? And it is also evident that the current system, with its focus on growth no matter what, has caused a number of these problems. It’s time for a systems change.

EUR traditionally is THE University for Future Leaders in business and (public & private) management.  Those leaders need, in this era, to be trained in a systemic and holistic way and to be fully aware of the challenges facing us and capable of handling them.

These challenges can only be faced, solved or at least dealt with, by creative and holistic thinking. This requires individuals with courage, optimism and a strong belief in a better future. Will you be such an individual?

Eva Rood, our co-director, facilitates block 3 of this honours programme, which is about Leadership. Read more about it here.