Prof. dr. D. (Dennis) Huisman

Endowed Professor
Erasmus School of Economics (ESE)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Member ERIM
Field: Logistics & Information Systems
Affiliated since 2005

*Dennis Huisman is a part-time professor Public Transport Optimization at the Econometric Institute, Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). *Professor Huisman's current research focuses on Operations Research models and techniques that can support the planning and operations of a railway operator in relation to complex logistical issues. He combines his role at ESE with that of expertise manager logistic processes at Netherlands Railways. He was a member of Netherlands Railways team that won the Franz Edelman Award, also known as the Super Bowl of Operations Research, in 2008. Professor Huisman is a co-founder of the Erasmus Center for Optimization in Public Transport. He was co-chair of the conference OR2013 (International Conference on Operations Research) in Rotterdam. He obtained his PhD from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2004. His PhD thesis dealt with integrated and dynamic vehicle and crew scheduling.

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  • T.A.B. Dollevoet, D. Huisman, M.E. Schmidt & A. Schoebel (2018). Delay propagation and delay management in transportation networks. In R. Borndörfer, T. Klug, L. Lamorgese, C. Mannino, M. Reuther & T. Schlechte (Eds.), Handbook of Optimization in the Railway Industry (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science, 268) (pp. 285-317). Cham: Springer
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  • J. Jespersen-Groth, D. Potthoff, J. Clausen, D. Huisman, L.G. Kroon, G. Maroti & M.N. Nielsen (2009). Disruption Management in Passenger Railway Transportation. In R.K. Ahuja, R.H. Moehring & C. Zaroliagis (Eds.), Robust and Online Large-Scale Optimization (5868) (pp. 399-421). Berlin: Springer
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  • R. Freling, D. Huisman & A.P.M. Wagelmans (2001). Applying an integrated approach to vehicle and crew scheduling in practice. In S. Voss & J.R. Daduna (Eds.), Computer-aided scheduling of public transport (pp. 73-90). Berlin: Springer
  • L.G. Kroon, E.J.W. Abbink, P.J. Fioole, M. Fischetti, D. Huisman, G. Maroti, A. Schrijver, A. Steenbeek & R. Ybema (2008). INFORMS Edelman Award. Vakpublicatie.
  • Role: Co-promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Daniel Potthoff
  • Time frame: 2005 - 2010
  • Role: Member Doctoral Committee
  • PhD Candidate: Lars Nielsen
  • Time frame: 2006 - 2011
  • Role: Co-promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Twan Dollevoet
  • Time frame: 2008 - 2013
  • Role: Member Doctoral Committee
  • PhD Candidate: Remy Spliet
  • Time frame: 2009 - 2013
  • Role: Member Doctoral Committee
  • PhD Candidate: Evelien van der Hurk
  • Time frame: 2010 - 2015
  • Role: Member Doctoral Committee
  • PhD Candidate: Paul Bouman
  • Time frame: 2011 - 2017
  • Role: Member Doctoral Committee
  • PhD Candidate: Joris Wagenaar
  • Time frame: 2012 - 2016
  • Role: Member Doctoral Committee
  • PhD Candidate: Harwin de Vries
  • Time frame: 2013 - 2017
  • Role: Promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Thomas Breugem
  • Time frame: 2015 - 2020
  • Role: Promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Gert-Jaap Polinder
  • Time frame: 2015 -
  • Role: Promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Rowan Hoogervorst
  • Time frame: 2016 -
  • Role: Promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Johann Hartleb
  • Time frame: 2016 -
  • Role: Promotor
  • PhD Candidate: Rolf van Lieshout
  • Time frame: 2017 -

Editorial positions (2)

  • Transportation Science

    Associate Editor

  • Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal

    Associate Editor

Side positions

  • Netherlands Railways (Nederlandse Spoorwegen, NS)

    Expertise Manager Logistic Processes

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Office: ET-47
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