In progress Railway Crew Planning



In this project we will focus on one of the major parts of the planning process at Netherlands Railways (abbreviated NS). Crew planning can be decomposed into crew scheduling and crew rostering. Both these problems are well studied in the OR literature.

In this research we want to set a next step towards a fully integrated approach. That is, we want to construct the rosters directly from the set of tasks. This can lead to substantial cost decreases for NS. Fur- thermore, it is a true challenge from a scientific point of view. One of the main reasons for this is that the planning problems at NS are huge compared to e.g., planning at a typical airline company. This implies we will need to develop state of the art solution methods. In this proposal we discuss some ideas for such methods in detail.


crew planning, crew rostering, crew scheduling, railway optimization, large scale integer programming, Netherlands Railways.

Time frame

2015 - 2019

Supervisory Team

Dennis Huisman
Professor of Public Transport Optimization
  • Promotor