PhD in Management

Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems

The aim of the Business Processes, Logistics and Information Systems research group is to be at the forefront of developments in Logistics and Supply Chain management in interaction with business operations, information, and technology innovation, and to make a major contribution both to management science and to management practice.

The programme is focused on three themes: logistics and supply chain optimisation, operations and innovation management, and next generation information systems.

Current vacancies

Events & Seminars

Mon. 16 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Program Spending Ratio vs. Fundraising Investment: What Drives Donations in the Humanitarian Sector
Mahyar Eftekhar (Arizona State University)
Tue. 17 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Tree-based Methods for Clustering Time Series Using Domain-Relevant Attributes
Mahsa Ashouri (Tsinghua University)
Mon. 14 Oct. 2019 Research Seminar
Customer Supercharging in Experience-Centric Channels
Santiago Gallino (University of Pennsylvania)