PhD in Management

Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems

The aim of the Business Processes, Logistics and Information Systems research group is to be at the forefront of developments in Logistics and Supply Chain management in interaction with business operations, information, and technology innovation, and to make a major contribution both to management science and to management practice.

The programme is focused on three themes: logistics and supply chain optimisation, operations and innovation management, and next generation information systems.

Current vacancies

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Events & Seminars

Fri. 26 Apr. 2019 Research Seminar
The Joint Network Vehicle Routing Game
Mathijs van Zon (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Mon. 29 Apr. 2019 Research Seminar
Optimization-based decision support for an express delivery carrier in China
Martin Savelsbergh (Georgia Tech)
Fri. 3 May. 2019 Research Seminar
A p-step formulation for the capacitated vehicle routing problem
Remy Spliet (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Thu. 9 May. 2019 PhD Defence
Multi-objective Optimization Methods for Allocation and Prediction
Qing Chuan Ye (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Thu. 16 May. 2019 Research Seminar
Stock or Print? Impact of 3D Printing on Spare Parts Logistics
Jeannette Song (Duke University)