PhD in ManagementBusiness Processes, Logistics & Information Systems

The aim of the Business Processes, Logistics and Information Systems research group is to be at the forefront of developments in Logistics and Supply Chain management in interaction with business operations, information, and technology innovation, and to make a major contribution both to management science and to management practice.

The programme is focused on three themes: logistics and supply chain optimisation, operations and innovation management, and next generation information systems.

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Events & Seminars

Fri. 18 Aug. 2017
Schedule Recovery for Liner Shipping Service
Chen Li (Tianjin University of Finance & Economics)
Mon. 21 Aug. 2017
Inbound container storage pricing schemes
Mingzhu Yu (Shenzhen International Business School)
Mon. 11 Sep. 2017
Models for Evaluating and Monitoring Supply Chain Network Efficiency
Srinivas Talluri (Michigan State University)
Mon. 16 Oct. 2017
Rational Inattention to Discrete Choice and Implications on Firm Decisions
Tamer Boyaci (European School of Management and Technology)
Thu. 16 Nov. 2017
Data-Driven Research in Revenue Management
David Simchi-Levi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

PhD Candidates

Mohammad Ansarin

PhD Candidate

Alp Arslan

PhD Candidate

Ezgi Avci Surucu

PhD Candidate

Kaveh Azadeh

PhD Candidate

Davide Bavato

PhD Candidate