PhD in ManagementFinance & Accounting

The Finance and Accounting programme aims to enhance understanding of the financial decision-making of firms, managers and market participants, as well as the functioning of financial markets and intermediaries.

The programme strives for high-quality scientific contributions in all major areas of finance and accounting, and to disseminate its knowledge locally and internationally. The three broad themes of the Finance and Accounting programme are: asset pricing, corporate finance and accounting.

Current Vacancies

Events & Seminars

Thu. 2 Nov. 2017
Accounting Seminar - Rani Hoitash
Rani Hoitash (Bentley University)
Tue. 7 Nov. 2017
Finance Seminar - Florian Scheuer
Florian Scheuer (Stanford University)
Tue. 14 Nov. 2017
Finance Seminar - Geoffrey Tate
Geoffrey Tate (University of North Carolina)

PhD Candidates

Gosse Alserda

PhD Candidate (buitenpromovendi)

Dyaran Bansraj

PhD Candidate

Karin Engelmann

PhD Candidate

Gelly Fu

PhD Candidate