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Thu. 2 Feb. 2023 Research Seminar
Mutual Fund Analysts as Information Intermediaries
Felix Wilke (Stockholm University)
Fri. 3 Feb. 2023 Research Seminar
Branch-And-Cut for the Mixed Fleet Green Vehicle Routing Problem
Jesper Bang Mikkelsen (Aarhus University)
Mon. 6 Feb. 2023 Research Seminar
Contextual Set-Based Music Recommendations Using Interlocked Hypergraph Convolutional Neural Networks
Yang Li (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business)
Wed. 8 Feb. 2023 Research Seminar
Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind: When and Why
Christian Tröster (Kühne Logistics University)
Tue. 14 Feb. 2023 Research Seminar
Social Media and New Forms of Collective Engagements: Bringing Time Into Connective Action
Emmanuelle Vaast (McGill University)
Thu. 16 Feb. 2023 PhD Defence
The Search for Alternatives to Private Vehicles
Joshua Paundra (Erasmus University Rotterdam)