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Fri. 4 Dec. 2020 Research Seminar
Real-time transportation replanning in intermodal networks under disturbances
Hakan Akyüz (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Tue. 8 Dec. 2020 Research Seminar
(When) Can Entrepreneurship Improve Community Integration?
Vera Rocha (Copenhagen Business School)
Tue. 8 Dec. 2020 Research Seminar
Talking About Emotions at Work
Lindred Greer (University of Michigan)
Thu. 10 Dec. 2020 PhD Defence
With New Eyes: The Recognition of Novelty and Novel Ideas
Davide Bavato (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Thu. 10 Dec. 2020 PhD Defence
Through Mind and Behaviour to Financial Decisions
Nishad Matawlie (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Fri. 11 Dec. 2020 Research Seminar
Multi-period planning in public transportation: Line planning and fleet allocation
Güvenç Şahin (Sabanci University)
Wed. 16 Dec. 2020 Other
ERIM Awards ceremony 2020
Pursey Heugens (Erasmus University Rotterdam)