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Fri. 1 Mar. 2024 PhD Defence
New Forms of Leadership
Folkert Mulder (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Mon. 4 Mar. 2024 Research Seminar
Goodbye My Friends and Goodbye My Career: Evidence from the Movie Industry (with Xinlong Li)
Andrew Ching (Johns Hopkins University)
Tue. 5 Mar. 2024 Research Seminar
Addressing Societal Grand Challenges through Entrepreneurial Means
Violina Rindova (University of California Irvine)
Tue. 5 Mar. 2024 Research Seminar
Firm-Sponsored Online Communities: Building Alignment Capabilities for Participatory Governance
Hani Safadi (University of Georgia)
Thu. 7 Mar. 2024 Research Seminar
Jung Ho Choi (Stanford University)
Fri. 8 Mar. 2024 Research Seminar
Recent Advances in Periodic Railway Timetable Optimization
Niels Lindner (Zuse Institute Berlin)
Tue. 12 Mar. 2024 Institute Event
Introduction to SURF Research Cloud
Pieter Meijndert (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Tue. 12 Mar. 2024 Research Seminar
Disaster Insurance Reimagined: Protection in a Time of Increasing Risk
Paula Jarzabkowski (University of Queensland)