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Tue. 29 Sep. 2020 Research Seminar
Contact Theory Revisited in Sharing Gig: An Empirical Investigation on Ride-Hailing Services and Hate Crime
Qiu Lin (National University of Singapore)
Thu. 1 Oct. 2020 Research Seminar
Managing the Size-Distinctiveness Trade-off: The Case of Platform Cooperatives
Jovana Karanovic (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Mon. 5 Oct. 2020 Research Seminar
Joint Product Framing and Order Fulfillment for E-Commerce Retailers
Stefanus Jasin (University of Michigan)
Wed. 18 Nov. 2020 PhD Defence
A Configural Approach to Understanding Voice Behavior in Teams
Jing Wu (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Wed. 16 Dec. 2020 Other
ERIM Awards ceremony 2020
Pursey Heugens (Erasmus University Rotterdam)