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G. (Guido) Baltussen

Guido Baltussen
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Finance & Accounting
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Member ERIM, affiliated since 2010

Guido Baltussen is Assistant Professor in Finance and a Tinbergen and ERIM fellow. In addition, he works as senior strategist at ING Investment Management. Before he obtained his PhD in Finance at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and was visiting scholar at Stern School of Business of New York University, New York, USA. His expertise is Behavioral Finance, applied to among others Asset Pricing, Portfolio Construction and Decision Making under Risk. Guido published several articles in the leading economic journals (American Economic Review, Management Science, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Review of Economics and Statistics) and his research is regularly covered in the financial media. Moreover, Guido regularly writes 'Behavioral Finance' columns for the popular Dutch investment website

Work in progress (3)
  • Hytonen, K.A., Baltussen, G., Assem, M.J. van den, Klucharev, V.A., Sanfey, A.G. & Smidts, A. (2014). Path Dependence in Risky Choice: Affective and Deliberative Processes in Brain and Behavior. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Accepted for publication.
  • Baltussen, G., Assem, M.J. van den & Dolder, D. van (2012). Risky Choice in the Limelight. Rotterdam: Erasmus School of Economics.
  • Baltussen, G., Post, G.T. & Assem, M.J. van den (2007). Risky Choice and the Relative Size of Stakes. Rotterdam: Erasmus School of Economics.
Publications (8)
  • Doctoral thesis
    • Baltussen, G. (2008, December 04). New Insights into Behavioral Finance. EUR ( Thela Thesis). Prom./coprom.: prof.dr. J. Spronk.
Visiting address
Office: H14-10
Burgemeester Oudlaan 50
3062 PA, Rotterdam
Postal address
Postbus 1738
3000 DR, Rotterdam

Work in progress

Latest publication

Baltussen, G., Post, G.T. & Van Vliet, P. (2012). Downside Risk Aversion, Fixed-Income Exposure, and the Value Premium Puzzle. In Vol. 36. Journal of Banking and Finance (pp. 3382-3398).

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Conference on Neuroeconomics (ConNEcs) 2008 Copenhagen

Conference on Neuroeconomics (ConNEcs) 2008 Copenhagen, Denmark, May 15-16, 2008 at the Copenhagen Business School