Business Processes, Logistics & Information Systems (LIS)

Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Innovation Management, Transportation, Inventories, Terminal Operations, Sustainability, Procurement, Public Transport, Business Networks, Information and Communication Systems and Technologies

Organisation (ORG)

Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Innovation, Organisational Behaviour, Sustainability, Leadership, Teams

Marketing (MKT)

Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Management and Strategy, Marketing Modelling

Finance & Accounting (F&A)

Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Real Estate Finance, Financial Accounting, Financial Econometrics, Financial Markets, Investments, Management Accounting, Risk Management

Strategy & Entrepreneurship (S&E)

Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Strategic Renewal; Managerial roles, Top Management Teams and Leadership; Corporate Entrepreneurship, Strategic Innovation; Exploitation, Exploration and Ambidexterity; International Business