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Mon. 21 Jan. 2019 Research Seminar
The Effect of Bank Monitoring on Loan
Fringuellotti Fulvia (University of Zurich)
Mon. 21 Jan. 2019 Research Seminar
Outrage Drives Online Users to Engage with Ideology Inconsistent Political Content
Daniel Mochon (Tulane University)
Tue. 22 Jan. 2019 Research Seminar
Research on Categories: Taking Stock and Future Avenues
Rodolphe Durand (HEC Paris)
Thu. 24 Jan. 2019 Research Seminar
Hierarchical Distance and Idea Evaluation in Enterprise Crowdfunding
Michael Zaggl (Technical University of Munich)
Fri. 25 Jan. 2019 Other
Passage to Panama: Nation States, Taxation and Multinational Enterprise in the Twentieth Century II
Kristine Sævold (University of Bergen)
Simon Mollan (The University of York)
Jeroen Euwe (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Hein Klemann (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Marten Boon (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
Neil Forbes (Coventry University)
Antonie Doležalová (Charles University Prague)
Mintra Dwarkasing (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Narly Dwarkasing (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Jasmin Gider (Tilburg University)
Yiqing Lu (NYU Shanghai)
Mon. 28 Jan. 2019 Research Seminar
E-Commerce Logistics: Two Exemplary Planning Problems in Modern E-Commerce Supply Chains
Felix Weidinger (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)
Fri. 1 Feb. 2019 Research Seminar
Dynamic Pricing with Demand Learning and Reference Effects
Arnoud den Boer (University of Amsterdam)