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Mon. 16 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Program Spending Ratio vs. Fundraising Investment: What Drives Donations in the Humanitarian Sector
Mahyar Eftekhar (Arizona State University)
Tue. 17 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Tree-based Methods for Clustering Time Series Using Domain-Relevant Attributes
Mahsa Ashouri (Tsinghua University)
Tue. 17 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Friends with Bankruptcy Protection Benefits
Noah Stoffmann (Kelly School of Business Indiana University)
Wed. 18 Sep. 2019 Other
Provocations and possibilities: Discussing Grand Challenge research with Tima Bansal and Jennifer Howard-Grenville
Tima Bansal (Western University Canada)
Jennifer Howard-Grenville (University of Cambridge)
Fri. 20 Sep. 2019 Inaugural Address
Utilizing Incentives and Accountability: In Control in Control?
Marcel van Rinsum (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Mon. 23 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Discrimination in Service
Roland Rust (University of Maryland)
Tue. 24 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Uncertainty and Contracting: A Theory of Consensus and Envy in Organizations
Paolo Fulghieri (UNC Kenan Flagler business school)
Thu. 26 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Audit Partners’ Risk Tolerance and the Impact on Audit Quality
Sarah Stein (Virginia Tech)
Mon. 30 Sep. 2019 Research Seminar
Uncovering the Path to Purchase Using Topic Models
Alice Li (The Ohio State University)