Research Seminars

Wed. 3 May. 2017
Regulatory Fit and Crisis Communications: Beneficial or Harmful?
Daniel Laufer (Victoria University of Wellington)
Thu. 4 May. 2017
Technology Acquisitions: Performance and Functionality as Differentiators
Joachim Henkel (Technical University of Munich)
Tue. 16 May. 2017
Measuring Relative Performance of Accountable Care Organizations
Indranil Bardhan (University of Texas at Dallas)
Fri. 19 May. 2017
Efficiency and fairness in ambulance planning
Caroline Jagtenberg (ORTEC)
Fri. 2 Jun. 2017
The Future of Collaborative Innovation & Business Venturing
Rogier van Beugen (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines)
Marielle Sijgers (
Christopher Tucci (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Coenraad de Vries (Startgreen Capital)
Wed. 21 Jun. 2017
Intermodal hinterland network design with non-cooperative users
Yann Bouchery (EM Normandie)
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