Research Seminars

Tue. 17 Oct. 2017
Historical Antisemitism, Ethnic Specialization, and Financial Development
Francesco D'Acunto (University of Maryland)
Tue. 17 Oct. 2017
Minimising the walking distance of pickers on a unidirectional picking line
Stephan Visagie (Stellenbosch University)
Tue. 17 Oct. 2017
Knowledge Sources and Waste Reduction: Less is More
Nilanjana Dutt (Bocconi University)
Wed. 18 Oct. 2017
Designing Incentives in Startup Teams: Form and Timing of Equity Contracting
Stephen Leider (University of Michigan)
Thu. 19 Oct. 2017
Peer Effects in Subjective Performance Evaluation
Gavin Cassar (INSEAD)
Tue. 24 Oct. 2017
Time Series Copulas for Heteroskedastic Data
Michael Smith (University of Melbourne)
Thu. 26 Oct. 2017
Quantile Spectral Analysis for Locally Stationary Time Series
Marc Hallin (Université Libre de Bruxelles)