Research Seminars

Wed. 21 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Is Working to Excess Bad for Health?
Lieke ten Brummelhuis (Simon Fraser University)
Fri. 23 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
An Adapted 3-D Knapsack Model for the Stowage of Maritime Containers in Inland Shipping
Stefano Fazi (University of Groningen)
Tue. 27 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Aggregate demand for bank capital
Marcus Opp (University of California Berkeley)
Thu. 29 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Pivoting in Action: How Repositioning Successive Change as Scientific Revision Enables Managerial Discretion
Matthew Grimes (University of Cambridge)
Thu. 29 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Estimation of the realized high-order moments
Ostap Okhrin (Dresden University of Technology)
Tue. 4 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
Electronic market mechanisms to increase efficiency in transportation logistics
Paul Karänke (Technical University of Munich)
Tue. 4 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Finance Seminar Vladimir Mukharlyamov
Vladimir Mukharlyamov (Georgetown University)
Thu. 6 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
Can Academic Research Generate New Anomalies?
Alex Horenstein (University of Miami)
Tue. 11 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
Teaser Rate Loans and Consumer Welfare
Neale Mahoney (The University of Chicago Booth School of Business)
Thu. 13 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Accounting Seminar Peter Easton
Peter Easton (University of Notre Dame)
Tue. 22 Jan. 2019 Research Seminar
Research on Categories: Taking Stock and Future Avenues
Rodolphe Durand (HEC Paris)