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Thu. 15 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Inference under shape restrictions
Joachim Freyberger (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Fri. 16 Nov. 2018 ERIM Conference
Fifth International Symposium on Semantic Web Information Systems (IS-SWIS 2018)
Elena Simperl (University of Southampton)
Paul Buitelaar (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Mike Thelwall (University of Wolverhampton)
Fri. 16 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Robust policies for location-transportation problems with integer transshipment
Ahmadreza Marandi (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Tue. 20 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Finance Seminar Mara Faccio
Mara Faccio (Purdue University)
Tue. 27 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Aggregate demand for bank capital
Marcus Opp (University of California Berkeley)
Thu. 29 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Pivoting in Action: How Repositioning Successive Change as Scientific Revision Enables Managerial Discretion
Matthew Grimes (University of Cambridge)
Thu. 29 Nov. 2018 Research Seminar
Estimation of the realized high-order moments
Ostap Okhrin (Dresden University of Technology)
Tue. 4 Dec. 2018 Research Seminar
ERIM Finance Seminar Vladimir Mukharlyamov
Vladimir Mukharlyamov (Georgetown University)
Thu. 6 Dec. 2018 Research Workshop
Managing Self-Doubt in Management Academia
Thomas Roulet (University of Cambridge)