Launch COMPOSITE project



On October 14, the EU-sponsored project “Comparative Police Studies in the EU” (COMPOSITE) will be launched.
COMPOSITE stands for Comparative Police Studies in the EU. It is an innovative, large-scale international research project focused on police organisations in 10 EU countries. Composite is designed to analyse organisational structures, organisational identities and cultures, leadership styles, and processes in these organisation, with the objective of discovering which factors contribute to success or failure of change processes. Impressively, Erasmus University will function as the coordinating Partner in this research project, which engages a consortium of 15 European police academies, universities and business schools, and technological research institutes. The project has been funded for the next four years. COMPOSITE will provide not just research funds, but research opportunities for faculty members, and will contribute to the visibility of our university.
COMPOSITE aims at developing a unified theory of organisational change. For such a robust theory a cross-country comparison is imperative. Moreover, COMPOSITE has a multidisciplinary and multi-methodological character. Besides national borders, the COMPOSITE project also crosses the boundary between theory and practice. The whole programme is set up in such a way that there is constant interaction between theory and practice.
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