A Trust and Reputation Model for Decision Making in Supply Chain Management



Trust is a critical factor for a successful cooperative relationship in real-world environments. Many such environments, including Supply Chain Management (SCM), can be modeled using multi-agent systems. One shortcoming of current SCM models is that their trust models are ad hoc and do not have a strong theoretical basis. As a result, they are unable to model subtleties in agent behavior that can be used to build a more accurate trust model. In this talk, I first propose a trust-based decision framework for SCM that considers multiple trust factors, reported observations (reputation), and direct observations. Then, I present a probabilistic approach for modeling reported observations, the Cognitive Reputation model (CoRe), which will be incorporated into our SCM trust model. We will use the proposed SCM trust model to simulate and study supply chain market behavior in the future.
Contact information:
Dr. Wolf Ketter