Power Trading Agent Competition - Lessons learned from the 2011 tournament



The objective of exploring the uncertainty and complexity of the energy market using intelligent trading agents is finally fulfilled in a satisfying level through the  Power TAC (Trading Agent Competition). Both interested parties, participants and organizers, acquired insightful knowledge about the energy market and the specific features of energy as a commodity. On the one hand, the participants had the chance to implement in a competitive environment the vast majority of the portfolio-handling and forecasting strategies they designed. The challenge for these implementations was the alignment of the various trends in the market towards the objective of making profit and maintaining a balanced portfolio. On the other hand, the organizers had the opportunity to test the robustness of the market as well as the large variety of behaviors that are supposed to appear in such kinds of markets. The insights from the pilot competition will provide both designers and participants with a precious knowledge of this new competition and will make them capable of improving both the agents’ agility and the robustness of the market in a longstanding basis. In the first part, we’ll give an overview of Power TAC, in the second we’ll highlight Mertacor, one of the participants, and finally we’ll present overall market results.
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Wolf Ketter