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The Expertise Center Health Care Logistics is an initiative of iBMG, Erasmus MC and the Erasmus School of Economics at the Erasmus University to combine efforts in research and teaching in the area of logistics. With this initiative we want to contribute regional, national and international to the knowledge of care logistics.
A complete program is available here. The preliminary program book including all abstracts is now available and can be downloaded from here. A final version in paper will be handed out to all participants on November 18.
8:30-9:00Coffee and registration
9.00-9.15Opening and Welcome (room: Athene / M1-19) Geert Kazemier (Erasmus University Medical Center)
9.15-10.00Plenary (room: Athene / M1-19) Chair: Albert Wagelmans
 Edwin Romeijn (University of Michigan)
 Optimization of radiation therapy treatment plans
10.00-10.20Coffee break
10.20-11.20Session 1 (room: Athene / M1-19) – Chair: Peter Vanberkel
 Improving hospital performance (1)
 Hans-Jûrgen Zimmermann (RWTH Aachen)
 Optimal planning and control of processes in hospitals
 Wineke van Lent (The Netherlands Cancer Institute – Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis)
 Identifying success factors for the implementation of simulation results to improve the patient flow and resource utilization in hospitals
 Jan Telgen (University of Twente)
 Buying individual care through procurement auctions
 Session 2 (room: Lund / M1-18) – Chair: Jan Vissers
 Scheduling in hospitals
 Kristiaan Glorie (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
 Optimizing sterile net composition
 Ivan Vermeulen (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica)
 Decentralized online scheduling of combination-appointments in hospitals
 Maartje Zonderland (University of Twente / Leiden University Medical Center)
 Capacity planning and scheduling for semi-emergent surgeries at a neurosurgery department
11.20-12.20Session 3 (room: Athene / M1-19) – Chair: Peer Goudswaard
 Optimal ward management
 Arnoud de Bruin (VU University Medical Center)
 Dimensioning hospital wards using the Erlang loss model
 Rene Bekker (VU University Amsterdam)
 Bed reservation and merging for clinical wards
 Nico van Dijk (University of Amsterdam)
 On dimensioning intensive care units
 Session 4 (room: Lund / M1-18) – Chair: Ellen van Vliet
 Application of Operations Research models
 Joris van de Klundert (Maastricht University)
 Measuring clinical pathway adherence
 Erwin Hans (University of Twente)
 Individualized breast cancer follow-up - Cost-effectiveness analysis
 Paul Joustra (Academic Medical Center)
 To pool or not to pool in hospitals: a theoretical and practical comparison for a radiotherapy outpatient department
13.30-14.30Session 5 (room: Athene / M1-19) – Chair: Jeroen van Oostrum
 Logistical models for blood supply
 Rene Haijema (University of Amsterdam / Wageningen University)
 TIMO: A decision support tool for efficient blood platelet production, Part I – Methodology
 Nikky Kortbeek (University of Amsterdam / University of Twente)
 TIMO: A decision support tool for efficient blood platelet production, Part II – Strategies for younger platelets
 Rommert Dekker (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
 Supply chain management of pharmaceuticles
 Session 6 (room: Lund / M1-18) – Chair: Arnoud de Bruin
 Optimization of hospital access
 Wim van Harten (University of Twente)
 Improving access time of diagnostic procedures
 Paulien Out (CC Zorgadviseurs / VU university)
 Optimal outpatient appointment scheduling
 Nico Dellaert (Eindhoven University of Technology)
 Hospital admission planning to optimize major resources utilization under uncertainty
14.30-14.50Coffee break
14.50-15.50Session 7 (room: Athene / M1-19) – Chair: Paul Joustra
 Operations Research models in Health Care
 Giovanni Righini (Università degli Studi di Milano)
 Models and algorithms for ambulances location and re-location
 Peter Vanberkel (University of Twente)
 Reallocating Resources to Focused Factories: A Case Study in Chemotherapy
 Gijs Rennen (Tilburg University)
 Sandwich algorithms for approximating Pareto frontiers to make trade-off decisions in IMRT
 Session 8 (room: Lund / M1-18) – Chair: Naomi Nathan
 Improving hospital performance (2)
 Marjolein Jungman (ORTEC)
 Data envelopment analysis in hospital benchmark studies
 Sabrina Ramwadhdoebe (University Medical Center Utrecht)
 Implementation by simulation; strategies for ultrasound screening for hip dysplasia
 Steef van de Velde (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
 The stent supply chain at Erasmus Medical Center
15.50-16.30Plenary (room: Athene / M1-19) – Chair: Albert Wagelmans
 Björn Hårdemark (RaySearch, Sweden)
 Application of operations research in advanced software in radiotherapy
16.30-17.00Plenary discussion NGB section OR & Health Care (room: Athene / M1-19)
 Moderator: Joris van de Klundert
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