Doctoral Thesis Layout and Routing Methods for Warehouses

Defended on Thursday, 10 May 2001


Layout and Routing Methods for Warehouses discusses aspects of order picking in warehouses. Order picking is the process by which products are retrieved from storage to meet customer demand. Various new routing methods are introduced to determine efficient sequences in which products have to be retrieved from storage. Furthermore, a new method is given to determine a layout for the order picking area. The objective is to minimize the average distance traveled per route by the order pickers.


Layout, Routing, warehouses, Order picking, optimal, heuristic, multiple blocks, optimization

Time frame

1996 - 2000

Preferred reference

K.J. Roodbergen, Layout and Routing Methods for Warehouses, René de Koster, Jo van Nunen,


Kees Jan Roodbergen
Kees Jan Roodbergen

Supervisory Team

René de Koster
Professor of Logistics and Operations Management
  • Promotor
Jo van Nunen
Jo van Nunen
Professor of Operations Research and Information Sciences
  • Promotor

Committee Members

Steef van de Velde
Dean RSM & Professor of Management and Technology
Henk Zijm