Launch of the Erasmus Centre for Family Business

Leading family firms into the future


The future of our economy is in the hands of family firms, 
the future of family firms is in the hands of the Nextgen

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The Erasmus Centre for Family Business contributes to the development and long-term viability of family firms around the world by carrying out world-class research on family business and through the development of family business leaders.

<link research centres family-business events launch-of-the-erasmus-centre-for-family-business speakers _parent>Keynote speakers:

  • Alice Huisman (Royal Huisman)
  • Bernard Wientjes (VNO-NCW)
  • Sebastiaan Sanders (Leolux)

shared their vision on the leadership of family firms, the importance of governance and stewardship, and the roles and responsibilities of the next generation.

Panel discussion

The event was moderated by Dr. Vanessa Strike, Scientific Director of the Centre.