Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

2017 was a very successful year for NCA. The NCA community has grown to more than 400 researchers. Scholars have used NCA in their research, are currently using it, or are otherwise interested in the method. Publications with NCA have appeared in a variety of journals in different fields of social sciences, including psychology, business and management. NCA applications have entered the technical and medical sciences as well. Here is a list of all currently known NCA publications.

In 2017, nearly every month an NCA event took place somewhere in the world. Some examples are seminars at Bocconi University Milan (Italy), Oxford University (UK), and George Washington University (USA). We held several workshops for participants of international conferences such as the Academy of International Business SE, the British Academy of Management, and the European Academy of Management. Here is a full list of past and upcoming NCA events.

In 2017, the “NCA calculator” has become available for a quick NCA analysis, and the “QCA calibrations evaluation tool” can be used by QCA researchers to evaluate the effect of data calibration on the number of identified necessary conditions. Several researchers have been working on the further methodological development of NCA, including statistical significance testing with NCA (and related NCA software extensions), and complementing NCA with QCA. Related publications and new software for R are expected in 2018. You can subscribe to the NCA Newsletter to hear about these and other developments.