Material Handling Forum Events

Fri. 1 Apr. 2022 Research Seminar
How (not) to Evaluate Passenger Routes, Timetables and Line Plans.
Rolf van Lieshout (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Mon. 28 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
Seeing the Bigger Picture? Ramping up Production with the Use of Augmented Reality
Enno Siemsen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Tue. 22 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
How Does AI Improve Human Decision-Making? Evidence from the AI-Powered Go Program
Hyo Kang (University of Southern California)
Mon. 21 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
When It’s OK to Use P-Values to Make Dichotomous Decisions
Daniël Lakens (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Tue. 15 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
Re-engage Low Achievers: Effect of Meaningful Tangible Rewards in Gamified Online Learning
De Liu (University of Minnesota)
Tue. 15 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
A Property Rights-based Process Model of Supply Chain Alignment During Servitization
Martin Spring (University of Lancaster)
Erik van Raaij (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Thu. 10 Mar. 2022 Research Seminar
Unpacking The Search Process: The Role of Managerial Experience
Eggers (New York University)
Thu. 10 Mar. 2022 PhD Defence
Online Grocery Operations in Omni-channel Retailing: Opportunities and Challenges
Joydeep Paul (Accenture the Netherlands)