Material Handling Forum Events

Fri. 24 Sep. 2021 ERIM Farewell Address
Fast forward digital: A new kind of university
Peter Vervest (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Tue. 22 Jun. 2021 Research Seminar
Designing Personalized Treatment Plans for Breast Cancer
Yixin Lu (George Washington University)
Mon. 21 Jun. 2021 Research Seminar
Believing in Analytics: Managers' Adherence to Price Recommendations from a DSS
Felipe Caro (University of California Los Angeles)
Tue. 15 Jun. 2021 Research Seminar
"Improving" prediction of human behavior using behavior modification
Galit Schmueli (Tsinghua University)
Thu. 10 Jun. 2021 Research Seminar
Two tales of science technology linkage: Patent in-text versus front-page references
Jian Wang (Leiden University)