Interactive Erasmus Logistica Warehouse Website

The purpose of this website is to let you discover what the possibilities are to make the order picking system in your warehouse more efficient. You can compare different scenarios with respect to:

  • warehouse type (wide aisle pallet, narrow aisle pallet, shelf area)
  • layout (number of aisles and cross aisles, length of aisles, position of depot)
  • storage strategy (ABC, random)
  • order pattern
  • material handling equipment
  • routing strategy (S-Shape, Largest Gap, Combined, Optimal)

and their impact on order picking time.

What to do?

This section gives you a full explanation of the possibilities of this site.


If you want to see some examples of orders, order routes and the time it takes to collect them, then click on the button 'Examples'. Here, you can also try to find an efficient route through the warehouse yourself!

Calc. order picking time

This is the most important part of this site. Here you can simulate an actual warehouse. Enter the parameters for your warehouse (or use the default values that are given) and find out how to improve the order picking operation of your warehouse. You can compare various routing methods. Furthermore, by continuously varying the layout parameters, you can search for a good layout!

First you choose between three main types of warehouses (if your warehouse is not one of these three, just pick one and change all default values to match your warehouse characteristics). Then fill out the forms that appear on the left side of your screen. Each entry of the forms is explained in pages that are displayed next to the forms.


References to warehouse literature.