Material handling equipment

Material handling equipment is used to transport the items and to store and retrieve them from storage locations. Which equipment is best suited for a situation, depends on the kind of warehouse and on the kind of products that have to be handled. Material handling equipment are trucks, conveyor belts, or elevators. In this site only material handling equipment for the storage and retrieval of goods will be considered.

Some specifications of the trucks are given, while further details on these trucks can be found at the Stichting Logistica internetsite.

Hand pallet truck  
maximum speed (without load): 1.1 (m/s)
maximum lift height: 120-150 (mm)
Aisle width: 1450-2000 (mm)
Pallet truck  
maximum speed (without load): 2.6 (m/s)
maximum lift height: 120-150 (mm)
Aisle width: 1600-3000 (mm)
maximum speed (without load): 1.5 (m/s)
maximum lif theight: 2500-4500 (mm)
Aisle width: 1700-2500 (mm)
Counterbalanced truck  
maximum speed (without load): 3.4 (m/s)
maximum lift height: 2900-6500 (mm)
Aisle width: 3000-4000 (mm)
maximum speed (without load): 2.8 (m/s)
maximum lift height: 2900-12000 (mm)
Aisle width: 2300-2700 (mm)
Orderpicking stacker  
maximum speed (without load): 2.2 (m/s)
maximum lift height: 6000-14000 (mm)
Aisle width: 1400-1700 (mm)

In a shelf area warehouse, it is not always necessary to use a truck to pick the orders. If your aisles are not very long, the order pickers can walk through them while picking the items. The average speed then will be approximately 0.7 m/s.