These pages show you two different examples, a routing example and a batching example. In these examples, you can test interactively a number of routing methods. Routes are visualised, so you can learn about the behaviour of the routing methods. Also, you can make your own routes to pick all products from storage by moving your mouse through the virtual warehouse. In the batching example, you can try to batch several orders yourself.

Just follow one of the two links on the left.

The values of the parameters in these examples are presented below:

Question Routing example Batching example
Warehouse Wide-aisle, pallet Shelf area
aisle length 32 mtr 16 mtr
centre distance between aisles 3.0 mtr 3.0 mtr
number of aisles 6 6
number of cross aisles 1 1
width of cross aisles 1.0 mtr 1.0 mtr
depot location left left
average speed inside the aisles 1.5 m/s 2.0 m/s
average speed outside the aisles 1.5 m/s 2.0 m/s
average number of lines per order 25 8
administration time 100 seconds 175 seconds
time to pick a line 15 seconds 30 seconds
orderpickers' capacity 40 lines 20 lines

For more information on routing methods, visit the Interactive Warehouse (with this link you leave this website). The Interactive Warehouse is a fully interactive version of the examples shown here.